I ended up buying 1230v2 aswell, was initially worried but i haven’t been able to utilise all the cores with everyday use for long periods of time, so its been good in terms of heat. I can’t seem to find a P222 card with two internal SAS plugs, so I guess that I’m stuck with four drives, and one for the ODD, where I plan to place a 2,5″. Jared. I get the error: Call “HostDatastoreSystem.QueryVmfsDatastoreCreateOptions” for object “ha-datastoresystem” on ESXi “xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” failed. I thought I’d also post my thanks as I have recently bought the Gen8 server (after already owning an N40L, N54L & ML110 G7. Wasn’t aware that I needed it. Maybe you need to configure raid when in Esxi / vSphere? Closing subcase. I was able to pick-up an oem SBS 2011 Standard for half-price to preserve some upgrade possibilities because I will not be going to the cloud and are into Outlook too deep to go without Exchange. I found the stock heatsink was able to handle 69W in my environment so you probably don’t need a CPU fan (might be another story if you’re running the processor at 100% on all cores for hours on end). I thought I would post some of my findings which may be helpful to others: For those wanting to use Server 2012 R2 I found following installation of the OS you MUST immediately install HP C020926 which is an older driver for the RAID controller as the one installed by 2012 R2 causes the machine to blue screen and crash. I have four disks, so RAID 6 is not an option, unless disks plugged in using USB can count in and be set up in RAID? Just to be sure I bought and mounted an Akase 25 cpu fan. Think it’s 1.4 or 1.5. i’m in the same situation.. i cannot choose a raid setup.. i have 4x 2tb hdd and i was thinking about raid5 setup.. what should i choose? =) Ah, unfortunately the electrical tariff where I live IS a major factor. Has anyone installed a non-demo license and had it persist (or even a demo one)? There is DRAM memory module which contents are retained as long as the battery has some juice left. Der Gerätezustand ist Gebraucht. Can’t figure out what else to use it for for now, other than run some systems for learning purposes in conjunction with work/education. Also tried with just module. Oh I wish there were two slots!. Server has 4 discs and nas has 6 discs. I have just ordered the RAM. tC = Operating Case temperature. – The Maximum HDD capacity including SSD drive if possible? Then using the onboard B120i controller to create a raid 10 array with the reds. The ATI Radeon 6450 works great and is very cheap :). It feels like a proper HP Proliant instead of a plastic Dell! Please I need your support on how to configure an HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen 8 with the highest specs possible? Now I’ve got hyper-threading and VT-d (Direct Path I/O) on a Gen8 Microserver! I’m concerned that if I were to use the B120i drivers (which I can’t because HP made them closed source.. fucking good job, guys!) Hi Stefan, I’m not running latest version IP 1.60. Well, I got my hands on a SATA cable (had the power converter cable already), and got a HDD connected. Still noisy in my opinion. thanks a lot for your reply, i just bought the processor, and i will install it as soon it will be shipped out :-) I myself have just spend 2, almost 3 weeks trying to get a Service Contract on a piece of HP hardware, but nobody can sell one to me, as I’m not a business… this does not bode well! For further information on consumer rights, visit http://www.accc.gov.au/consumerguarantees. In addition to this, the drive itself is also only 9.5mm not the more common 12.7mm slim-line. There are other options that have external connectors also, but they cost more and you have to search for them, but you will find it if neccessary. But it didn’t compared to when I had an P410 raid controller. Org: 1Gx8 Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus Xeon E-2224 16GB RAM 1TB HDD - P18584-421 HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 X3216, 8 GB-U, 4LFF, nicht Hot-Plug … ILO already on latest version. Yes, it will. Zum Verkauf steht ein HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8. What about uprgrading CPU to xeon? I have changed the SATA power to a Molex to fit my needs. Had a diagonal line from left to right with bend pins. I also received a reply from Intel RE: Xeon E3-1265L V2 – they have verified “that the processor E3-1265L has Intel Thermal Monitoring Technologies and it is also equipped with a Digital Thermal Sensor.” The Intel website information has been reported for correction – so all is looking good. Flashed v1.32 yesterday – still the same issue. You’re welcome. – Virtual NAS ..or just floor space for it to sit on. I think it’s safe. In what way does the battery help? Last night I enabled vmware’s host memory cache so that it could cache memory onto an SSD so I increased the RAM on the web server from 1GB to 2GB and I’m hoping that will increase stability. Had to look over at it to make sure its still on lol, This is one serious bit of kit for the money. I have 2 machines which I’m trying to consolidate into 1 as I only need it for Studying. So, is the choice for 4TB disks: I started out with the celeron, later upgraded to Xeon, and then later installed the P410 for better raid performance. My problem is that I have 2 pcs of 3TB NL-SAS HDDs, but if I put them in the rack and push them in, they are not recognized at all by the raid card. Harpinder, what is the difference between the P222 and the P410i? They are single 16GB modules and we have been selling them for almost 6 months now. I recently got an LSI 9240 card on eBay. So if you really want the HP support you’ll have to buy a new license again after 1 year, if you don’t care about that like me you can go ahead and install that license! Verbaut ist eine Intel Xeon CPU E3 1220 v2 mit 3,10 GHz und 4 Cores. HP TPM. About prices, you can get P410 with or without bbwc pretty cheap on ebay and such. Hi Ben, Hi, are you able to advise if the celeron model supports pass through of the drives? SHOP. They don’t appear to be readily available and the ones that are look pretty pricey. I don’t think you’d get a 3.5″ drive in the ODD bay, possibly the side if you weren’t running a card in the PCI slot… might be time for an external SAS enclosure. Another person: Thanks a lot for your post. Yes, there’s room for a 2.5″ in the DVD bay, you maybe able to use the ODD SATA port to drive it but it won’t be 6Gbps. I’ve bought a P410 + 512mb flash and battery for use in my Gen8. Form factor maybe..? A box without fans and HDs. My Gen8 is fitted with a E3-1220 and the fan runs in the 25%-40% range, depending on the ambiant temp.. E3-1240V2 works as well with turbo and hyper-threading. I would go for an adapter with 2 internal as I have 4 3½ drives + 3x 2½ drives internally in my server. my SSD is not listing, do i must 2 check something in the bios? Still too noisy for me if it was to sit next to me. There’s a small price difference between the P222 with 512MB FBWC and the 420 with 1GB FBWC. Easier to explain that way :). You don’t really need an SSD, but I understand why SSD is nice. 1. – 1x Kingston 8GB ECC DDR3 1600 System Specific Memory Model KTH-PL316E/8G Then you can putty. As you say, it just ticks along fine giving fantastic VM performance & responsiveness. This setup will work in single channel mode and is far from being an optimal setup. Temperature inside my house is currently 84F so if it can survive a full load in this heat I’m not concerned about it running into problems. JEDEC Raw Card E You will need V2. I’ll take a free Microserver from HP any day! Explore gifts for you, for them, and for everyone. Now i have an issue in hyper-v 2012 whereby i add a local admin, but when trying to add the password as requested, it just won’t let me type ?????????? Again, your input would be most appreciated. 1) the Xeon chip we’re using has a tdp 35-ish degrees hotter so a larger or more actively cooled heatsink will help. If you want to run Raid5 you have to pay for Advanced features as P410 does not come with that out of the box. Unless you are going to use it as storage it doesn’t really matter how you spend 2 of the 4 discs. HP ProLiant DL380e Gen8 Server 2x Xeon E5-2450L 8-Core 1.80 GHz, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 2x 1000 GB SAS 7.2K; HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Rack Server mit 2x Xeon X5670 Six Core 2.93 GHz, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 2x 300 GB SAS 10K ; HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus Tower Server mit Xeon E-2224 Quad Core 3.40 GHz, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 2x 2 TB SATA 7.2K; HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 V0 Rack Server mit 2x Xeon E5-2690 8 … But I had seen some other comments regarding difficulties getting it working with vmware 5.5, so stuck with 5.1.0 Update 1 with the HP custom image from September 2013. I really wish the G8 could handle what I do with the applications and activities i run on esxi 5.1 with only 16gb and I personally would use it for this as well as my SMB operations if it could handle 32gb. Has anyone had any success using a HP Microserver Gen8, with the HP P222 in PCI-Passthrough mode?, I’m currently running a G8, with a P222, and a Xeon E1230v2. a high-powered CPU replacement. I don’t the OS not being raided, i’ll take an auto backup of it regularly so if it dies, i should be able to re-image a new drive without issue. Did you buy your 1230v2 CPU as a FIO processor kit from HP, or did you take any regular xeon CPU from retail? Ah kool i never got the pass through working for Im-sensors in ESXi always displays 100 degrees. Those are idle, measured with a Kill-a-Watt on 120V power, btw. Consider you buy 4 identical discs. I run VMware ESXi 5.1 (HP’s version) on the Microserver and it monitors all that stuff (I think there are 9 temperature sensors and a fan speed monitor), also you can monitor it from the iLO management interface. Not confident the heatsink will suffice? 1 x 6TB HDD I can see the processor running 100% at all time. I found the issue – I had the 120i controller disabled and set to AHCI. However, sometimes the system will not boot up with the LSI installed; it continually reboots after the POST screen. Talked with HP, i live in Europe, scheduled End Of Life (EOL) for HP Microserver gen8 is 2017 june 30. Looks like a great clean solution. In what way will I feel perfomance drop using RAID 10. Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.3, I’ll update this blog once it arrives and I have tested it! Hey! Else, it’s at between 42-48%. Ich biete einen HP Proliant Microserver Gen8 mit folgender Austattung: HP ProLiant MicroServer...,HP Proliant Microserver Gen 8, XEON E3-1230v2,16GB,P222, 4*500GB in Baden-Württemberg - Renningen Basically on a *nix VM with the P222 passed through to the VM (in v5.0 and v5.1) the OS of the Guest simply ‘hangs’ and detection of the hardware (udev timeout) and I have to wait about 1 minute for the VM to boot (usual 5-10 seconds), and on v5.5, it completely fails and cant register the device, however many people state that PCI Passthrough is completed screwed/extra-picky on v5.5, Any help, or suggestions, or other peoples experiences similar to my scenario as above, would be greatly appreciated. My chassis fan is running almost full tilt most of the time. Hi, Kenni. Someone tried to install 32Gb memory in MS GEN8 succesfully? Don’t guess that I can use the external SAS plug to convert to SATA connectors. http://www.intelligentmemory.com/dram-modules/dram-modules.php?tab=01&_DDR3_DIMM, Technical Specifications HI, Daniel. Note: It is the exact same RAM from the exact same supplier as the above RAMCity link but they ship internationally outside the US. 1) went the provisioning route and the system just hung for hours when updating firmware on SAS drives. Hi can I combine 4gb and 8gb memory modules, server has 4gb RAM and I want to buy another 8 gb modul kingston KTH-PL316E/8G it will work in dual channel then? I’ve tested 2/4 and 3/4 cores enabled, but the temperature seems to be same, both 40C(107F) in iLO, I suspect the accuracy….. 2. Next on my shopping list is a 1TB SSD for my Hyper-V VMs. Or you can get a more expensive RAID card that has externel miniSAS connector. Will be fine for storage without though. All mini-itx and all with full management capabilities without extra license cost. I will try to remember to report back here with the result. I have disabled the turbo option as 3.3 GHz is more then enough juice for my needs and I don’t see any issue with the stock HP passive heatsink yet. Before I used a HP X310 and I was able to control the fan speeds with speedfan – no luck with the G8 so far. It’s too expensive and too noisy. The motherboard in the Gen8 Microserver is an Intel C204 which is compatible with Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors in the Xeon E3 series up to the 1290 (which is 95W). Don’t want to pay much. Could anybody do such test, please? There are 4 HDD … I don’t have great perfomance needs. I’m new to this world, so any ideas are welcome. I bought two of these: http://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php?name=W8GE1600KI I only run ECC memory, maybe there is some non-ECC that would work for people that care less about data integrity. One trick with any CPU cooler is finding a way to power it since there isn’t an extra power connector for a FAN… you would want to figure out how to regulate the fan speed based on temperature somehow… Thanks. If I enter Intelligent Provisioning or RAID setup during bootup, the fan goes down to 6% fan speed. Not using HW RAID will result in fan speed at 48%. This is a very carefully used HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8. I can even connect for 40 seconds from the Android App. Using dynamic memory within Hyper-V helps but it would be oh so much more capable with 32GB instead of 16GB. Wondering if th high TDP of this E3-1230 V2 CPU would give a much higher % for the FAN. Comparison between Gen10 and Gen8 MicroServer. Thanks to a homeservershow forum member keeping track of prices I ordered the HP Gen8 Microserver 1610T … of course, nobody wants to run VMWare on a Celeron so obviously the first thing to try is installing a Xeon processor.. Update April 12, 2020.The 8th Gen HP Microserver … Thanks so much for the update! I am not a real HW guru, but this is worth trying ;-). Passthrough for a LSI SAS/SATA 9211-8i controller through ESXi 5.1 into a virtual machine works fine too. so is it true, that i cannot use the 2 gigabit eth port _and_ ilO at the same time? I am also thinking about upgrading the heatsink with something low profile like the Noctua NH-L9i (if it fits) and power it from the P3 cable intended for the optical SATA drive that I don’t need.