We are trying to … It took him participating in the Greater Good Game and a goading by Jabami to return to his old self, After losing to Jabami & Sumeragi and being fired from the Council, he falls into a coma that lasted several weeks, awakening only at the end of the first week of the Presidential Elections and finally recovers from it during the Greater Good Game, for planting a listening device to increase her wager, and Manyuda for giving Jabami the ammo (a fan letter that she'd torn up and the very listening device that Jabami would later use), plants a recording device of her rant, she vows to severely tarnish Jabami's reputation (by making her star in porn and sleep with producers) as her costar, so that she'll look more innocent by comparison. [3], Itsuki Sumeragi (皇 伊月, Sumeragi Itsuki) is an expert at card games. 9. She claims she wants to genuinely be Mary's friend, but Mary quickly gets sick of her lack of independence, resulting in Ririka challenging Rin of her own accord to prove herself to Mary. Kakegurui is a mediawiki-based encyclopedia hosted by Wikia that contains information about Homura Kawamoto and Tōru Naomura series Kakegurui. [3], Runa Yomozuki (黄泉月 るな, Yomozuki Runa) is a student council member who likes video games and candy. 5, Vol. Episodes; Manga . Wikis. Midway through the match, however, Mary tells her she's successfully proven herself in an attempt to get her to stop due to the stakes rising sky-high, but Ririka decides to continue the match anyways against Mary's wishes out of her own desire to defeat Rin. The hand in place? He wears a white button-up shirt underneath with the top unbuttoned and a black tie. [19], Miroslava Honebami (骨喰 ミラスラーヴァ, Honebami Miroslava) a stern-faced girl from a family of "cleaners" with implied skill in interrogation and assassination. Media. After winning her position from the former president in a game of chance, she tightened the school's gambling and house pet systems, allowing Hyakkaou to essentially control the future of Japan. A level headed and polite man who showcases an outstanding prowess in bluffing. [3], Kirari Momobami (桃喰 綺羅莉, Momobami Kirari) is the main antagonist of the series. Belum lagi caranya yang gila dalam berjudi dan tidak takut mengambil risiko membuat Yumeko mendapat julukan sebagai maniak judi di sekolahnya. [3], Yuriko Nishinotouin (西洞院 百合子, Nishinotōin Yuriko) is the head of the Traditional Culture Research Society and a member of the student council, who quietly uses her position to shield her club's girls from being enslaved by others. [3] Then it’s revealed the whole reason she wants to become head of the family is so she can interact with Miri openly again, so much so that she’s willing to poison herself in order to threaten Mary into forfeiting. Yumeko Jabami (蛇喰 夢子, Jabami Yumeko) is a beautiful and mysterious transfer student to Hyakkaou Private Academy who initially appears modest, but shows a maniacal passion for high stakes gambling, as shown when her eyes glow red, which they often do. It is implied that his dismissive attitude towards Itsuki, down to letting her be fired from the Student Council after losing to Yumeko in the latter's second match in the school alone, is borne from his desire to protect her from the same kinds of pressure he has been facing as a member of the Council. By the end of the game she just breaks down crying from the sheer pressure. telling Sumeragi to go easy on Manyuuda after they won against him, When meeting with Manyuuda again in the Greater Good Game and faced with an. She finds Sumeragi "boring" for refusing to bet something that would actually affect her life, like her nails. Wikis. Category:Female characters | Kakegurui Wikia | Fandom. Rin Obami (尾喰 凜, Obami Rin) is voiced by Akira Ishida in Japanese,[28] and Zach Aguilar in English. She once rejected the offer to join a group to dismantle Kirari because she witnesses the founder openly dismiss his (still-engaged) fiancée after she lost to Mary, and stood up for her opponent after the Score Comparing game despite her opponent conspire with the entire class to humiliate Mary, Her recap chapter before her battle against Jabami in the Tournament Arc shows her reasoning to competiting against Nishiotounin, she simply couldn't stand everybody mocking her after she lost to Jabami, Some students were interested in her & her skills instead, including 2 members of the Student Council who had already graduated by the time Yumeko transferred into the school, Ends up being the key for Jabami's victory against Yumemite when they have to guess her birth month (aside from her and Ryota, the audience was all members of Yumemite's fanclub and the members of the Student Council, whose birthdays she'd memorized). In her gamble against Jabami, she intentionally throws games that she could have won, planning to sweep the remaining games when Jabami has almost won. In many ways, she's this during her match against Yumeko. He initially plans to drop out after Yumeko defeats her and is shocked when Yumeko splits her winnings with him, allowing him to buy himself out of debt - even though he'd been the linchpin of Mary's cheat during their match. The various representatives of the clans that are a part of Kirari and Yumeko's extended family. 1 credits She is played by Natsumi Okamoto in the live-action drama. This allowed Yumeko to trick Terano into thinking that she had no paper in her hand and so Mary would win, making her lose many of the sidebets she made during the Grand Meeting. Hi, so what is your gender? Rebeka. An anime-original character Rei Batsubami (×喰 零, Batsubami Rei) is an androgynous girl who arranges matches for the Momobami clan, preferring to stay out of gambling herself. Sumika later reveals her public persona as a famous Hollywood actress who goes by the name of Kawaru Natari, from a family of highly talented entertainers and performers. The opening theme is "Deal with the Devil", performed by Tia. She is voiced by Yū Serizawa in Japanese[15] and by Faye Mata in English.[16]Ep. She adopts a more feminine look when she reveals who she really is. She congratulates Yumemite for her win, even if it was a clumsy one, saying that "a win is a win" and "a loss is a loss". And she actively hates Ikishima for rigging games so she can lose and feed her, While she doesn’t care about being threatened herself and apathetic towards how students treat house pets, she shoots a. Anime Female Characters … [19], Sumika Warakubami (和楽喰 淑光, Warakubami Sumika) is a soft-spoken girl with a scary appearance who hides her face behind a cheap mask. Category:Male characters | Kakegurui Wikia | Fandom. RELATED: 10 Kakegurui Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime Games Movies TV Video. D2, D10. 13.03.2019 - Erkunde Phistomefel Smeiks Pinnwand „Kakegurui !“ auf Pinterest. Login or sign up today! She acts rather like a butler for the other members of the Momobami clan and arranges matches for them, but doesn't take part in gambling herself. After learning how the student council president perceives the pets, Mary forms a grudge against her and aims to become the next Student Council president.Vol. Ensemble Stars Characters (updated) Haikyuu Characters. Now that Kirari's extended family has come onto the scene, it appears that the Jabami family is actually distantly related to them, which may help explain why she is so rich. This show is ***CRAZY*** and has mature themes (you've been warned)", "I'm happy to announce that I play DAAAARK MAGICIAN IN ATTACK MODE!! Yuriko NISHINOTOUIN; Kaede MANYUDA; Shinnouji; Kaede's Father; Midari's Lackey B; 17 comments; Leave a comment ; You must be logged in to leave comments. [19], Yumi Totobami (等々喰 ユミ, Totobami Yumi) is voiced by Haruno Inoue in Japanese,[20] and Corina Boettger in English. 1 credits In the live-action drama, she is played by Miki Yanagi. Main Title: Kakegurui . 2, 3 She is voiced by Saori Hayami[1] in Japanese and by Erika Harlacher in English.[2]Ep. Head of the Culture Club. what student council member are you in kakegurui. In truth, he was using all of them to make sure that, no matter how complicated the game would get, he could use the three of them to make sure that he and Ibara were safe. I voice R*ota. "Ririka" and "Kirari" are anagrams of each other. She is voiced by Ayahi Takagaki in Japanese,[24] and Dorothy Elias-Fahn in English. Laynes, Bruna. Main Characters. 286 Pages. And Manyuda had, up until that point. Although he is the class president at the beginning of the series, he has a massive debt to Mary and serves as her pet. Later revealed to be a servant from a fallen family within the Momobami clan who secretly planned to take control by running the 100 Votes Auction game. However, she is quickly humbled in a jankenpon (rock-paper-scissors) card game, losing to Yumeko and having to become a house pet herself. While Rin Obami is the chosen representative of the Obami clan, Ibara is accompanying him and participating in the alliance against Kirari as well. It also helps that a global streaming service Netflix has both seasons available. He gives a particularly noticeable one when Ririka shows that she has figured out his lies and manipulations by revealing his plans to the girls he was going to use as scapegoats. She isn't a, By proclaiming that statement, she implied she purposefully arranged the match against Miyo and Miri because she wasn't keen on them poisoning their way to victory. Although she dislikes games where the outcome is predetermined, she can quickly deduce how such games are being manipulated in her opponents' favor and, by doing so, she de… This new flavor of shonen action is the right tool for the main character, Yumeko Jabami, to … She acts aloof and annoyed when Yumeko gives her a ticket to Yumemite's concert and continues to do so during it. Yumemi herself relents, however, and chooses to abide by the stipulations of their game. Given all the other tropes listed here, Mushibami's luck was really bad that day. Ends up being one to Terano as during the Grand Meeting arc she secretly taped a paper card to a scissors card in order to impress Yumeko. Barely. Losing to Jabami & Sumeragi utterly destroyed his self-confidence to the point that he lost his sense of self. She is voiced by Minami Tanaka in Japanese [1] and by Kira Buckland in English.[4]Ep. plants a recording device to tape Yumetime ranting about her life as an. A member of the Totobami family who accompanies Terano in her quest to bring down Kirari. They also hide the tattoos on the back of her hand that give away her identity. Weird is one way to describe Kakegurui, and it's a word that fits well.It's an anime that goes over the top both in its character's personalities as well as the violence shown. The girl in charge of Yumeko's class when she transfers in, and the first casualty of her gambling skills. She is voiced by Rumi Ōkubo in Japanese,[23] and Jeannie Tirado in English. 2 She is voiced by Yūki Wakai[10] in Japanese and by Erica Mendez in English.[11]Ep. While she doesn’t do anything about how others treat house pets, she herself doesn’t join in. She runs a rigged roulette-style game called "Life or Death." During the game against Warakubami, she realized she didn't think about what happens next after winning. Dragon Ball Saiyan transformations. Mary uses her one right to a public match as a house pet against her, but is defeated and saddled with an even larger debt. He is not above using others to achieve his goals or putting others down because of recent failures. Considering her backstory, it makes sense as to why she's angry about Yumeko's response. Kirari easily noticed the same thing when they were children. German. Anthony Mazzuca Nov 8, 2020 WATCH: Poppy Cosplayed as Kakegurui's Yumeko at NXT's Halloween Havoc Losing to Jabami and Itsuski, becoming a housepet, and being kicked off the council by Kirari turns his hair white from shock. she was hiding beneath Ririka's mask the whole time, After losing to Jabami, she leaps off the Tower of Doors as per stipulation. This leads to her trying to lose in order to make herself feel better, before resolving to win anyways so she can continue finding her purpose in life. Again during the Grand Meeting where she compete against Yumeko, where Yumeko easily defeats her in 2 rounds. Register Start a Wiki. Naruto ALL Character (FIXED / USE THIS ONE) MY HERO ACADEMIA SHIPS. She challenges Yumeko to a game of tic-tac-toe with a variety show challenge. She has long platinum hair styled as two braided pigtail shaped in loops and wears blue lipstick. Ch. She even shows excitement when they defy other students. He is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita in Japanese[15] and by Chris Niosi in English.[17]Ep. Teenager. She has long, straight black hair with bangs styled in a hime cutand red eyes. Student Council President of Hyakkaou Private Academy and heiress to the leading clan of the Hundred Devouring Families conglomerate. jp. Schreier, Nadine. The obvious comparison is the fact that there is an orgasm almost every episode over something people normally don't have orgasms to. Miroslava is voiced by Mitsuki Saiga in Japanese,[26] and Allegra Clark in English. She is voiced by Yumi Uchiyama in Japanese,[22] and Maureen Price in English. She turns out to be a famous Japanese actress in Hollywood under the pseudonym Kawaru Natari, who happens to be Yumemite's favorite actress. Which Kakegurui character are you? 6. Though waiting so long has driven Midari mad with masochistic yearning, which is why she tries losing to Yumeko on purpose. Gambling is Serious Business to her, but not in the way one might expect—she's truly unpredictable, not caring whether she wins or loses so long as she can enjoy the insanity of her and her opponent putting everything on the line on a truly uncertain outcome. Games Movies TV Video. In her spin-off, her first game as a member of the Student Council is being a dealer for game akin to Five Finger Fillet (though instead of a knife the tool is the sharp tip of a compass). The War game turned out to have various fail-safes to make sure that Rin would be ok no matter the outcome of the game. She and Miri Youbami are childhood friends who were like sisters to each other before the nature of their clans' competition forced them apart. Gambling for Kakegurui, cooking for Shokugeki no Souma. 1 credits He is portrayed by Mahiro Takasugi in the live-action drama. While she loves her sister, her love seems to reach a limit when she threatens her sister into taking the fall despite how Miri would have done so anyways. Which Kakegurui Character are you most like? Official Title: ja ... main character. Daughter of a highly-successful toy company owner, she paid an exorbitant amount for a spot on the student council. She is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese. The official website for the second anime season based on Homura Kawamoto and Tōru Naomura's Kakegurui manga revealed a new visual as well as visuals for new characters … and she's the most out of her depth during the Hundred Devouring Families arc. She gains the attention of Ririka Momobami and effortlessly outsmarts Miyo and Miri (though admittedly they only had a basic understanding in terms of gambling) in the election. 3 In the prequel story Kakegurui Twin, it is revealed that Mary's family is not as well off as her peers, but she transfers to the school and learns how to survive and thrive in the school's gambling system. 1 credits She is played by Sayuri Matsumura in the live-action drama. If Terano Toutoubami, spokesperson of the Momobami clan, is to be believed, Ririka is the true force behind Kirari's ascent to power. She admits that Sayaka's logical driven mind amazes her for being so different from how Kirari herself is and thinks, making her someone interesting and attractive to her, When Sayaka proves so devoted to her that she jumps from the Tower of Doors without hesitation, Kirari jumps after her and basically disregards the terms of their bet (that Sayaka forgets all about her), saying, It's apparent that she not only is aware of Sayaka's feelings for her but reciprocates them as well. She later became an ally to Yumeko in order to achieve her goal at rising up to Student Council President and exceed any expectations. Momobami Kirari. she starts to show fear and sadness as Miyo betrays her and she has to poison herself to save her, She is willing to put her own life at risk for Miyo's objectives, which is proven when she purposefully loses a second game so that Miyo won't get poisoned or lose the election. It later becomes clear that he cares for Itsuki to some extent at the end of the Greater Good game, when he frantically tries to stop Miroslava from punching Itsuki in the face. Kirari does actually care for her to some extent. I really want to like Yumeko, but she's so boring … what student council member in kakegurui are you? The treasurer of the student council, and the only male member. A strange and quiet woman who always hides her face behind a surgical mask and her long hair. [3] In the manga and anime, she has blonde hair styled in twin tails, whereas in the drama, she has light brown hair and the tails. Conveniently, gambling is competitive by nature, and a winner uses a combination of luck and skill to win. She is scary, quiet and has an icy demeanor. Periodically, she takes the place of her older sister to help her implement her cunning plans. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Rin's eyes are always closed with a serene look while Ibara's are wide-open and manic, and the two are introduced together with Ibara jokingly giving the calm Rin some bunny ears behind his back. She is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu in Japanese,[21] and Lizzie Freeman in English. He is forced to help Mary manipulate a game against Yumeko,Ch. kakegurui… He tries to talk her out of engaging in high stakes gambling, but Yumeko hardly ever listens.

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